Wardrobe matters more than you realize in your family portraits

As a family photographer who provides high-end wardrobe for clients, I understand the importance of selecting the right colors and styles to create stunning, cohesive family portraits. Here are a few color palette ideas for families to wear during a photoshoot:

  1. Neutrals with a Pop of Color: I suggest neutral shades like ivory, beige, and light gray for an elegant and timeless appearance. Navy blue, forest green, or deep burgundy are good choices for adding a pop of color.

  2. Cool Tones: Blues and greens are calming hues that look fantastic in outdoor spaces, especially at the field or Grapevine Lake.

  3. Warm tones: Red, orange, and yellow hues work incredibly well for creating a special warmth to your family photos. 

  4. Monochromatic: Dressing the entire family in one color can be a bold choice that creates a striking look. Try choosing a color that flatters everyone and varying the textures to create depth and interest in the photos.

  5. Complementary Colors: For a vibrant, energetic look, go for complementary colors like blue & yellow. You can create a dynamic and eye-catching portrait by incorporating both colors into the family’s outfits.

These are just a few color palette ideas that clients can consider for photos. 

You can create beautiful, timeless images for your family’s photo shoot by selecting the right colors and styles.

collage of family photos to demonstrate color pallet options

Kate Marie Portraiture is a luxury family photographer offering fine art portraiture in her DFW photography studio and outdoor locations

November 10, 2022

Color Pallet Matters More Than You Think In Your Family Pictures