As a family photographer, I’m often asked if I will come to your home for photos. Of course, the answer is absolutely yes! I love a good lifestyle session. While some families may be more familiar with traditional portrait sessions, I believe that a lifestyle session can be a unique way to capture your family memories in the space you’re building your life. Here are just a few reasons why a lifestyle session might be a good fit for your family:

  1. Lifestyle sessions are relaxed and fun. Unlike traditional portrait sessions, lifestyle sessions are all about capturing the everyday moments of your family’s life. This means that you can relax and be yourselves, which often results in natural, beautiful photos that really capture the heart of your family.

  2. Lifestyle sessions capture the real moments. With a lifestyle session, we can document the special moments that happen naturally in your family’s day-to-day life. This could be anything from a quiet moment of snuggling with your kids on the couch to playing board games together on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  3. Lifestyle sessions are a great way to capture memories of your home, in your natural environment. In the end, you will have beautiful photos that showcase your home and all the memories you’ve made there.

  4. Lifestyle sessions are great for families with young children. Young children are often more comfortable and relaxed in their own environment, which can make for better photos. A lifestyle session allows us to capture the moments that happen naturally in your home. As the family evolves, you will always have portraits of ‘the old days’ to look back on.

  5. Lifestyle sessions are all about your family’s interests. Whether your family loves to bake together, play board games, or take walks in the park, a lifestyle session can be tailored to your family’s unique interests and hobbies.

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Kate Marie Portraiture is a portrait and lifestyle photographer for families in Dallas and Fort Worth.

January 19, 2023

How To Decide If A Lifestyle Photo Shoot Is Right For Your Family