Trying to conceive can be a pretty stressful experience. You feel like you’re exhausting all your solutions with no success. And, of course, the most effective tool is often relaxation. Feels pretty ironic, huh? If you could use a little help starting your family, you may want to consider fertility acupuncture. This time-honored, stress-relieving method has continued to help countless parents finally get that positive. Plus, it can optimize your chances when paired with assisted reproductive technology. As a Dallas family photographer, I get to chat with many parents who have found unique ways to grow their families. Here are the clinics for fertility acupuncture in Dallas they have loved! 

Trust These Beautiful Clinics For Your Fertility Acupuncture In Dallas

A happy mother to be in a long black maternity gown sits on a white bench in a studio holding her bump thanks to Fertility Acupuncture Dallas

Southwest Acupuncture Clinic

12740 Hillcrest Drive, Suite 224, Dallas, Texas 75206

Southwest Acupuncture Clinic is an appointment-only center that offers holistic care through every season of life. They offer herbal therapy, Dallas lifestyle/diet coaching, and fertility acupuncture. Their treatments can regulate menstrual cycles while increasing the blood to the uterus. They’re a top option for couples who want additional help but aren’t ready to commit to invasive interventions. 

Dallas IVF 

2840 Legacy Dr. Ste 100, Frisco, Texas 75034

Dallas IVF is a fertility clinic dedicated to helping couples find the solutions that lead them to parenthood. In addition to their IVF treatments, the Dallas center supports holistic fertility acupuncture treatments that can reduce stress and increase your chances of success. They can counsel you on your acupuncture options and ensure you have comprehensive treatment that’s right for you. 

A mom to be in a black maternity gown sits on a bench in a studio leaning back on one arm thanks to Fertility Acupuncture Dallas

Dallas–Fort Worth Fertility Associates

5477 Glen Lakes Drive, Dallas, Texas 75231

Dallas–Fort Worth Fertility Associates has been assisting parents since 1999. In addition to treatments, the center offers holistic options, including yoga, acupuncture, and complementary medicine programs. These methods can improve issues such as erectile dysfunction, interrupted ovulation, and abnormal sperm production. They will provide you with all the resources you need to start your family your way. 

Acupuncture of Dallas

375 Municipal Dr., Ste 136, Richardson, Texas 75080

Located inside Richardson Medical Park, Acupuncture of Dallas has spent years specializing in women’s fertility and reproductive health. Their providers have experience with fertility, IVF support, pain management, women’s health issues, and anxiety. Their treatments can increase blood flow, regulate hormones, and increase egg quality. Plus, they will go a long way to relieving stress! 

A glamorous mom to be stands in a studio holding back her hair and a hand under the bump


6211 W Northwest Highway Suite C260, Dallas, Texas 75225

DallasAcuClinic is a smaller practice that was founded by Dr. Mark Hernandez. Dr. Hernandez takes a specialized approach to your care. He will start with a thorough assessment to get to the bottom of your struggles. Beyond his acupuncture treatments, he can advise you on dietary and lifestyle changes and herbal medicine. 

Don’t Give Up Hope Until You Try Some Fertility Acupuncture In Dallas

With acupuncture, you can have a holistic way to boost your chances of growing your family. Try out one of these clinics in Dallas for fertility acupuncture so you can find the assistance you need! 

This can be an overwhelming and even exciting time in your life, and I want to help you honor it! I am a Dallas photographer, and I adore working with families so they can document each chapter of their unique story. If you have been considering booking a portrait session, let’s chat today so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you!

June 10, 2024

Fertility Acupuncture in Dallas: Holistic Care for Growing Families