Throughout your pregnancy, you deserve the chance to treat yourself as much as possible. The truth is that growing a brand new human being is not exactly gentle on your body. When you’re not dealing with nausea or fatigue, you’re trying to find a way to help your back finally feel okay. What you could use about now is a massage, and I’m here to help you find the best one around! As a Dallas maternity photographer, I get the chance to talk to plenty of local moms about their favorite spots for some TLC. Here are their top places to go when they need an exceptional Dallas prenatal massage.

Find Trusted Holistic Care And Treatments With These Spas Offering A Dallas Prenatal Massage

A mother to be in a pink tule maternity gown smiles out a window in a studio before a Dallas prenatal massage

Urban Family Co-Op

4428 Main Street Suite 100, Dallas, Texas 75226

Urban Family Co-Op was created to give you a happier pregnancy! The Dallas center has a first-client special that will give you a 75-minute prenatal massage for an incredibly affordable price. This center knows that you’ll keep coming back once you try them out! The massage is also ideal for the postpartum recovery stage. Following your massage, you will receive free demonstrations of yoga poses that will help you manage chronic pain.   


1000 North Central Expressway #426, Dallas, Texas 75231

Sensory is a Dallas spa that uses a variety of methods to provide you with a relaxing and effective prenatal massage treatment. The center combines aromatherapy with specialty moves to provide your body with the care it needs. Their goal is to help you find wellness through every season of life. You can tell them which areas of your body are bothering you, and they can tailor their services accordingly. 

Expecting parents share an intimate moment touching foreheads and holding the bump in a studio window

Relax and Heal Massage

5440 Harvest Hill Rd, #254, Dallas, Texas 75230 

Relax and Heal Massage provides a long list of specialty Dallas prenatal massages that will leave you feeling restored. From sports massages to reflexology, they will make sure you have the services that are ideal for you. The center performs massages on patients starting in the second trimester. Not only will their massages provide you with relief from the aches and pains of this stage, but they will also increase circulation for lessened symptoms. 

Riviera Spa

4514 Travis St, #105, Dallas, Texas 75205

Riviera Spa offers treatments that will leave you feeling completely restored. You can come in for infrared treatment, waxing, facials, and float tank treatment. Their pregnancy massages start in the second trimester. You can choose between services that last for 50-80 minutes. They use techniques that have been shown to decrease stress hormones and improve circulation. You will leave their table feeling the best you’ve felt in years!

A mom to be in a pink maternity gown stands in a window of a studio holding her bump before a Dallas prenatal massage

All Expecting Moms Deserve A Special Visit To These Dallas Prenatal Massage Spas

You deserve the chance to unwind while treating your body to the care it needs. With these Dallas prenatal massage spas, you can work with an expert to feel fantastic!

Are you looking for more ways to make this pregnancy a little more memorable? Then let’s chat! I am a Dallas motherhood photographer and adore working with parents to help them honor this stage. Whether you’re looking for maternity portraits or a newborn session, I have the perfect experience for you! Contact me today so we can chat!

May 20, 2024

Dallas Prenatal Massage: The Ultimate Treat for Expecting Moms