When you’re creating your birth plan, one of the first things you realize is all the different ways there are to give birth. Even if you know for a fact what you want your delivery to look like, you still need to make a dozen decisions so you can make your experience everything you’ve ever wanted. If you need the perfect partner to walk you through all these options while helping you make informed decisions, look no further than a midwife. With these experts, you’ll have gentle guidance as well as comprehensive prenatal care. Here are the very best Dallas midwives to help you with your birth journey. 

Take On Your Birth Journey With The Perfect Team Of Dallas Midwives

East Dallas Birth & Wellness

4720 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75246

East Dallas Birth & Wellness provides all your prenatal care in one comfortable location with midwives. While the center is not currently being used for deliveries, it serves as a home-like environment where you will go for your appointments. Emily Sloan, the certified nurse midwife behind the practice, specializes in home births and will use your appointments to check on your progress while ensuring you feel prepared for your delivery. Emily can also provide primary care to your newborn for the first 28 days of their life. 

A mother to be lays on a white bed in a white maternity dress

Swiss Avenue Birth and Wellness

4100 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75204

Swiss Avenue Birth and Wellness is a collective of midwives and birth professionals dedicated to creating personalized services for their Dallas clients. You’ll be able to find the midwife that matches your style perfectly to provide you with comprehensive prenatal care. If you’re choosing to have a home birth, they’ll be there to assist with delivery. If you’d prefer a hospital birth, they can still cover prenatal and postpartum care. 

A mother to be stands in a studio in a sheer maternity slip smiling over her shoulder and holding her bump after meeting Dallas Midwives

Kharis Midwifery

4428 Main Street, Suite 100, Dallas, Texas 75226

Kharis Midwifery is a midwife practice started by Shanna Hinrichs, a midwife who has spent over 20 years in the professional Dallas birth world. Since then, she’s found some of the best doulas, lactation consultants, and midwives to join her team. The practice has been named DFW Child Mom-Approved for three consecutive years. You can start out with a free consultation before committing to prenatal care. The practice specializes in home births. 

A mother to be walks in a studio in a white maternity dress after meeting Dallas Midwives

Midwife + Co

411 N Washington Ave, Suite 2700, Dallas, Texas 75246

If you would prefer a hospital setting for your delivery, Midwife + Co is the group for you! This unique practice combines the holistic, traditional care of midwives with modern technology. The practice is independently owned and will prioritize your voice as you create your birth plan. Beyond their prenatal care, they offer well-woman visits and annual exams so you can get all your gynecological care in a relaxing atmosphere. 

You Can Trust These Dallas Midwives To Guide And Support Your Dream Birth Journey

By hiring a midwife, you’ll have assistance as you make major decisions throughout your delivery. Give these Dallas Midwives a glance so you can find the one that’s right for you. 

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February 12, 2024

The Best Dallas Midwives: All Your Prenatal Care in One Place