Meet Johnny & Rachel Cavanaugh, owners of Cavie & Co.

As a North Texas photographer, I love working with other business owners during a business branding photo shoot. Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business. Having a consistent message and branding images to use in social media, newsletters, a website, and more, is critical to success.

As a fellow small business owner myself, I understand how daunting it is to create the brand. My job is to help you share your story, visually. We’ll update your headshots, focus on products (if you have any), and feature the details that make your business work to make sharing your story with your audience easier.

Below is a high level example of the branding session I had with Cavie & Co., a Flower Mound handcrafted furniture company dedicated to supporting orphan and foster care.

If you are a local Dallas business owner in need of a business branding photo shoot this year, I would love to share session information with you. Simply click the button below! I can’t wait to connect with you!

Business Branding Photo Shoot | Cavie & Co.

Cavie & Co product images

Branding photography session details DFW

Dallas creative branding photographer for creative businesses

June 30, 2022

Business Branding Photo Shoot | Cavie & Co.