Today, I’d like to share 3 popular poses that make for great family photos and some of my go-to prompts. Whether you are a photographer learning the ropes of family portraits or a mom on the hunt for ideas, these 3 poses will help achieve a well-rounded gallery.

The first pose is the traditional family portrait.

Everyone needs a few images where eyes are on the camera and everyone is smiling. These traditional images are important, but not the primary focus of the session!

As a photographer, I will prompt clients to interact with their family in different ways for variety while everyone is still in the same place.

The second pose is Follow The Leader

Kids can become restless during portraits, so when I sense that may be happening, I like to have everyone hold hands and walk. Each kid gets a turn being the leader if they want. This typically loosens children up and helps them feel more in control of the environment.

This pose allows for some great action shots and authentic moments to photograph.

Finally, put a child up on Dad’s shoulders

Getting a kiddo up on Dad’s shoulders almost always elicit big smiles! This is a great prompt especially for fidgety kids who are having a tough time keeping still.

See the poses in action below!

3 Popular Poses for Great Family Photos

DFW outdoor family portrait photographer

Posing inspiration for family photos

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June 16, 2022

3 Popular Poses for Great Family Photos